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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Where are we going?

July was a 17 year old with an ideology that everything in life wasfecil as yena estava life of comfort and her parents lijos Brindavanfeet all that I begged him for being theonly consedian baby.
One day he began to think I have everything from the most expensive and the cheapest pole necessary and unnecessary but what more I need pear to be happy is the love of myparents, which I do not gettheir work thought I have to call after the attention of my parents, but how?, after a while i finger throne already said what I do, I'll run awayfrom my house i ire me to mygrandparents' house that winds acrossthe city, I'll go early when they still sleep.
ring ring, sonava alarm clock, what time is it? marcava relog i sawthat they were 6:30, idijo is time toput my plan into action took hisbackpack the night before he entered aviation t-shirt, water bottle, a cake and suficienta money for transportation.
to leave home path until you reach the stop ofthe combis, combisuvio the wing that would take bus stop.
July was the first to rise when Dona Antonia climbed derrepente and without knowing it had not seen him on any other occasion it out"good days"July solprendido stay that pensava that being a teenager full of amenities people would talk but not all that fakederepente pensava antonia resilto be the wonder of where are you?And do you ever seen around here? Hereplied'm from around hereclose and do not think I saw beyond that I never leave my house, andwhere are you going? I go with my grandparents on the other side of town.
empesaron perceive not to talk asif conosieran from before andwhen Dona Antonia July iva down felt a need to pay their passageDona Antonia thanked him and told him to never stop being what heplows and clear and you responded Take care.when pebso July under which it is attached jente, Poe continued hisway derrepente sidewalks when I hear a derrapon, in taxi aviationand immediately hit the people who were nearby rushed...
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