La computadora

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Start my day eating a very healthy breakfast, then I went to school. When they gave us part of the school breakfast and we were taken to the class. Began classes,the first period was Professor Lorraine, we ordered take our headphones, He told us that computer salon we hope them to test whether they worked correctly. After testit, we return to our class, then it was the period of Professor Louise, she describe a task and left us to go to recreation.

Inicie mi dia con mucha energia, teniamuchas ganas de ir al colegio, queria aprender algo Nuevo, y se me cumplió, cuando llego el periodo de profesor Alejandro aprendi un tema nuevo de matematica aplicada,sobre matrices, números que coinciden en los vectores X y Y. Fue algo muy fácil al principio pero cada ves se volvió mas complicado.
Start my day with great energy,was eager to go to college, I wanted to learn something new, and I met when I reach the period of Professor Alejandro learning a new area of mathematics applied toarrays, matching numbers in the vectors X and Y. It was very easy at first but each time became more complicated.

Me levante a las 10 de la mañana, estaba muy cansado,necesitaba descansar, me puse a hacer tareas, tenia tarea de etica profesional, tenia que hacer un resumen sobre un folleto, debia encontrar las ideas principales yrealizar las actividades.
I lift at 10 a.m., was very tired, I needed rest, I began to do tasks, I had task of professional ethics, was that a summary on a brochureshould find the main ideas and activities. Then I did programming, a fractal called H, was a figure scale make it took me long time, but with patience I could finish.