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cincha What is the meaning of the topic, according to the article?
According to the article it should be about a tuna sandwich.
What came to your mind when you read the topic and after you readit?
My mind was kind of blank because the title says something about tuna sandwich and the article is nothing about that, it is about different types of meanings of the same word or phrase.
What isthe meaning of the word “SATOS” according to the article?
The word “SATOS” in the article means that some words are from different countries and they use it as their own it can also mean how we useSpanish and English words in the same sentence.
What is the message of the article in term of the article?
The message is that some words in different countries might mean the worst thing andsome words are good. Also is that not all the words in our country we use, we use the most simple one no matter what language.
What do you learn from the article?
I learned that we use words fromall over the world not just Spanish words.
Mention 5 important details from the article and explain 3 of them.
Mention 25 words or phrases that we use in our Puerto Rican society. Select 15 andwrite a complete sentence.
1. Hotdog – Perro Caliente – I want a hotdog.
2. Hamburger – hamburguesa – I want a hamburger with everything.
3. Closet – Armario – Get the coat that’s in thecloset!
4. Sorry – Perdon – I am sorry the mess.
5. Laptop - Computadora Portátil – My sister has a laptop but it is broken.
6. E-mail - Correo Electrónico – Please read your e-mail!!!7. Parking – Estacionamiento – There is no parking at school.
8. Sandwich – Bocadillo – I want a ham and cheese sandwich.
9. Cornflake – Cereal – I ate cornflake for breakfast.
10.Printer - Suministro de Papel – I used the printer yesterday.
11. Picnic – Dia de Campo – Our class will have a picnic someday!
12. Omelette – Tortilla – I want a ham and cheese omelette....
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