La conquista

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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This movie has great meaning of music (and believing)!
The critics didnt get the message behind the storyline but at least the common folks sure did.
Great family movie!
SO Good. Didn't know whatto expect but got an excellent movie of a boy trying to find his self in a variety of places, with peers, various adult figures, and by himself. The natural born musician from the combination of acellist and rocker is a bit far fetched, but the story is so beautiful that it's only a minor detail. But as if the movie wasn't fantastic on its own, the music in this film is what makes this moviewhat it is. So beautiful that I considered buying the soundtrack immediately. Story and music was lovable and perfect.
This film is very sensational and wonderful, it's a experience of a lifetime. Thisfilm has inspired me in many ways. I recommend this film for everyone. The acting and everything was great and the cast did awesome. The music was wonderful yet heartfelt.
One does not have tosuspend disbelief or slip into smaltz to enjoy this movie. In times where malice, treachery and mayhem seem to make a movie successful, this movie will just take you away if you let it. Perhaps its my age(73), my movie preferences (B&W) or just because, this movie caught me up in its web of sounds, visuals and the sheer joy of it, to make me recommend it to others. Robin Williams playing a 21st5Century Fagan was perfect, but the child, August Rush, was superb. He instilled into this viewer’s eyes, hope, a feeling of well being and a sense that anything is possible. Open up your heart; let youmind drift into the film and most of all, after viewing, tell others of your experience.
Anyone interested in music should watch this movie, especially those who compose music. It is a sheerdelight. You find yourself rooting and caring for everyone in the movie, even those who are trying to undermine the boy's search for his parents.
Yes, there are some unrealistic scenes as far as how...
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