La conspiracion

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The Right Job
People make career decisions for many different reasons, not all of them good ones.
Often we are persuaded to go into a particular careerbecause one or both of our parents work in that field.
Alternatively, we may decide on a career because we want to earn a lot of money.
Making money is, ofcourse, a practical and valid consideration.
However, as everyone knows, money doesn’t always buy happiness.
In order to be truly happy in your career, youshould carefully consider what kinds of jobs are compatible with your personality and abilities.
Are you sociable and happy around lots of people? Are youambitious and highly motivated?
Then you might consider a career in sales, marketing, law, or politics.
Maybe you are a thoughtful, considerate, sensitiveperson, and you love helping other people.
You will need to have these characteristics in order to be successful as a doctor, nurse , teacher , or social worked .Of course, being very creative and outgoing could mean that you would make an excellent politician, teacher, or actor.
People who are comfortable workingalone and have good attention to detail may be happiest as accountants, editors, librarians, or research scientists.
Deciding on a career is one of the mostimportant things you will ever do.
You should discuss your options not only with your family and friends, but also with your teachers because they can makerecommendations based on your abilities.
If possible, also talk to a career counselor, who will recognize the importance of matching personalities to job.
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