La crisis de berlin

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“The Berlin Crisis 1958”
During this period there where hapening some different tnings wich lead the establishment fh the Federal German Republic and the Wasras Treaty Organization. The SovietUnion signed a treaty with East German Goverment on september the 20th 1955 that supported the settleing of the sovereignty of the East German.
Krushvev had stablished then firmly than his position ashead of The Soviet power complex, because of the Sputnick witch leaded the Soviet Union high avobe other expectations, and due to this, he felt absolutelty confidente above the United States. As well itwas relieved that Berlin was a mayor site of spiyng .But by the other hand Krushchev had regarded the Western Prescence in West Berlin as an anachronism and a must upleasnt obstacle, but nevertheless his wasnt a difficulty.
Krushchevs intention was not to run any kind of risk. The first phase of the Berlin crisis, from November of 1958 to March 1959 was the phase of presenting the first Soviettime-limit which refered to six months as well as its withdrawal alter Mr. Macmillan´s Moscow visit.
The second phase was the conference on Geneva in summer of 1959, wich was the only attempt ofnegotiating Berlin.
The tirad phase that was from september 1959 to May 1960 opened the oportunity of a conversation of Krushchev and Einsenhower this was going all the way down untillo the U2 incidenthappened, and wreck the Summit bringing it to an end .
The fourth phase was the lull, that was from May 1960 untill June 1962 during this Krushchev waited for Einsenhower to leave the White House, aswell as Kenedy to stablish himself.
These series of events, it was clearly enough that Krushchev hasnt doubt subjected to Sorong pressures at home, for the East Germans, or from the Chinesse. This willbring Berlin problema a head.
The unilateral denuntiations od the four –power agreements ¡ said that the “ocupation-régime” in West Berlin should be ended andi t was proponed that West Berlin was a...
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