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1. Joan loves to buy exotic foods: vegetables and herbs from China, spices from India, olives from Greece, and cheeses from France.
2. Emotionally disturbed people may be troubled bymorbid thoughts. For instance, they may often think about suicide or murder.
psychologically ill
3. At first, the surgery seemed to be successful. But several hours later, the patient’scondition began to deteriorate, and it continued to worsen over the next few days.
decay or decline
4. In Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits whochanged him into a generous man.
5. Raul is anindulgent father. For instance, he lets his daughter stay up as late as she likes and he never insists that she does her homework.lenient and tolerant
6. Languages evolve over time, as you can see if you open a page of The Canterbury Tales, written about six hundred years ago by the English poet Chaucer. It is barely recognizableas English today.
7. The decision Veronica made to study instead of going out for pizza with her friends was prudent. She got an A on the exam, while her friends all got D’s.
8.Whenever something bad happens to Jane, she ways it’s the fault of destiny. But I prefer to take charge of my own life rather than simply blaming fate.
bad luck
9. My father died when I was ababy, but Mom told me so many stories about him that I feel I knew him well. For example, one anecdote was about how he cried with joy when I was born.
biographical account
10. Ivan is a wonderfulpiano player. But Jerri is more versatile; she sings, acts, paints and writes poetry, and also plays the piano.
many abilities
“A picture is worth more than a thousand words” (an oldChinese saying) so a picture can help you to guess the meaning of a new word. Look at the pictures below and choose the best answer to explain the pictures.
1. Which is the best description for the...
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