La cuenca del rio tijuana

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The Tijuana River Watershed

The Tijuana River Watershed is influenced by two primary factors:
1. - over 90% of the land within the watersheds is undeveloped or dotted with small, ruralcommunities and ranches.
2. Two mayor urban Centers Tijuana Mexico, and San Diego Ca, U.S.A.
The Tijuana River Watershed is unique geographical location, and positioning in the global economy between Mexico,and U.S.A
Both nations imported water from the Colorado River.

The Kumeyaay indigenous to the watershed learn to adapt to this volatility natural resource and in turn developed a lifestyle to besustainable for their communities.
They developed techniques for stoning ground water, building dams and controlling the erosion. The sustainability from Tijuana River Watershed on Kumeyaaycommunities, has been an example to bring the attention of many ecologist people between to countries, Mexico and U.S.A, because there are to close and the border is only the division, but both are part ofthe Tijuana River Watershed too.

The main issue facing Tijuana River Watershed is the urbanization and industrialization by the rapidly developing.

The Watershed is a natural resource, Water isa vital element, ,the health of this is one of the mayor purpose for many foundations to provide environmental and water conservation education organizations, Universities, government agreements,and many people has been formed and strong movement working together for same purpose, and goal. There looking and working to find more strategies for be a future sustainable cities in themost natural conditions

Watershed is an area of land bounded by high –ground topographical features such as mountains and hills, into which rain and snow fall.
High above the Tijuana River Valley,a dense cloud formation comes from the pacific Ocean, ripe with rain that moves east over the Coastal Plain and travel 48 miles from the ocean, by the time the clouds reach the mountains and release...
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