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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Internacional Business


1. The issue that affects international business.
2. Brief description about the issue.3. Topics That are going to be treat in the final paper.
4. Definition of the type of paper (essay, research, investigation)

Development of the content:

1. For the final paper, iwould like do it about tariffs. Nowadays we see how that issue is involved in many international discussions, and how that affects the global economy as well as the trade and relationships betweennations.

2. TARIFF: is a tax that a government assesses on goods as they enter (or leave) a country. A tariff may be imposed to protect domestic industries from imported goods and/or togenerate government revenue. There are different kind of tariffs, different intentions on the tariffs( like i said, one of the most common is to protect domestic industries from imported goods) , anddifferent ways to implement them.

3. The topics that are going to be treat on the final paper are going to be: Its history, the complete definition, the kinds of tariffs, the intentions, theways to implement tariffs, how tariffs afect the economy of a nation and the international business, how tariffs benefit nations, problems that the nations have had because of tariffs, and some dealsthat try to reduce the tention between nations caused by tariffs.

4. My final paper is going to be a research in order to know more about that important topic that my classmates and me aregoing to handle in a not far future, and that we should know perfectly since now. Although i would like to give at the end, my viewpoint in a short composition.




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