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European Union Waste Electronics Information
and Instructions for European Union Countries

Together we can do it right
Information based on European Union WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC - Spring 2006

Our commitment to the environment


t Lexmark, our goal is to supply customers with the best printing solutions in the world, solutions that are also best for the environment.As part of this commitment, Lexmark provides more choice to our customers to make it easier for them to return their end of life equipment to ensure their reuse and recovery. That’s good for the customer and beneficial for the environment.

Changing habits for the better
he content of hazardous components in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is a major concern for human health and theenvironment during the waste management and recycling phases. Thus waste from this equipment must be disposed of correctly. That’s why we support and encourage the implementation of the European WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipement), which requires that household waste from electrical and electronic equipment has to be collected separately from everyday for proper recycling.Lexmark equipment is marked according to the requirements of the EU WEEE Directive. The special «crossed out wheeled bin» symbol is placed on products to indicate that waste from electrical and electronic equipment must be subject to a selective collection. We make it convenient for you to discard of Lexmark equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.


Equipment Recycling
Homeusers ❚ Return your end-of-life Lexmark equipment to your local authorised collection centre. Please contact your competent authorities for more details or connect to Lexmark web site. ❚ In European Union countries where collection programmes are not in place, you may return your end-of-life equipment to us. For more information, please contact your local Lexmark office or Representative. Professionalusers ❚ To obtain information about collection and recycling of Lexmark Equipment, please visit to find your local Lexmark website, or write to the WEEE contact at your local Lexmark office or Representative.

In addition to our WEEE programmes, Lexmark also offers a complete cartridge collection programme and recycling scheme. To return your empty cartridges to Lexmark,it is easy and free of charge. For both inkjet and laser cartridges, you can use the prepaid envelope included within your cartridge box or print from your local web site the appropriate return label. Other local programmes are also available should you need bulk pick-up for your laser cartridges. For complete information on our bulk container service and partner programme, please connect to ourlocal web site. Once collected, all Lexmark cartridges are recovered for reuse or recycling according to the most stringent recycling practices: there is no landfill or thermal recovery. Whenever the equipment is returned for recovery purposes, returning empty cartridges separately to Lexmark would greatly facilitate further equipment recycling operations for the benefit of the environment.


Naše odpovědnost vůči životnímu prostředí
aším cílem ve společnosti Lexmark je dodávat zákazníkům ta nejlepší tisková řešení na světě, řešení, která jsou zároveň nejlepší pro životní prostředí. V rámci této odpovědnosti poskytuje Lexmark svým zákazníkům větší výběr, aby jim usnadnil vracení dosloužilého zařízení, jež zaručí jeho opětovné použití a obnovu. Je to nejen dobré prozákazníka, ale i prospěšné pro životní prostředí.


Změna návyků k lepšímu
ěhem nakládání s odpady a v době recyklace je obsah nebezpečných komponentů v elektrických a elektronických zařízeních (EEE) hlavní obavou lidského zdraví a životního prostředí. S odpadem z těchto zařízení musí být nakládáno správně. Proto podporujeme a povzbuzujeme zavádění Direktivy EU o WEEE (Waste Electrical &...
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