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Yomille Omar 'El Tio' - Movimiento Corporal
11 July 2010
Written by GotDembow

El Tio is back with a new track after releasing that unreleased track with Yandel. This one is brand new and original. It is called 'Movimiento Corporal' and it is produced by Gaby Music, Naldo, & RKO! Those are some big names, it's good to see El Tio moving up again because the dude has talent that Wisin &Yandel didn't see when he left WY Records. This song is pretty good, a little uncreative, but its a good listen. Listen, download, and enjoy!

Read more Add comment (0) Gerry Capo Feat. Eloy - Dime Por Que (Remix)
11 July 2010
Written by Kriz

Finally the wait is over and here is the official remix to Dime Por Que from Gerry Capo now featuring Eloy, I must say the remix came out prettygood and I really like it personally, track produced by Fade 'El Que Pone La Presion', Zom-B, ALX, well download and enjoy this good romantiqueo!

Read more Add comment (0) Arcangel Presents: Trebol Clan - Lo Tuyo y Lo Mio
11 July 2010
Written by Kriz

Here is a brand new song by Trebol Clan this one is been labeled as Trebol Clan's first song under Flow Factory, I guess he and Blow MusicFactory signed with Flow Factory, Arcangel presented him on the beginning of the song and this one is a romantiqueo type of track and was an average song not as good as his last one but still pretty good, song produced by the usual producers Dr. Joe, Mr. Frank & Potter, anyways download and check it out, this song will be part of Trebol's new upcoming digital album 'Trebol Clan Es Trebol Clan'releasing in August. Enjoy!

Read more Add comment (1) Lui-G - Es La Cosa
11 July 2010
Written by Kriz

Here is your new Lui-G track of the week, this time Lui-G comes back to his ways in this new song, he doesn't really curse on this one but still says the usual things, the good thing he does on this one is that his verses are speed up which makes him sound good, track was produced byPerreke, Montana 'The Producer' & Nel-Flow and overall its another average track by Lui-G, so download and check it out, Enjoy!

Read more Add comment (0) Carlos Arroyo Feat. Yomo - Se Va Conmigo
10 July 2010
Written by Kriz

Here is a brand new song, here we have Carlos Arroyo who happens to be a NBA player who played for the Miami Heat last season, and here he tries something different thanplaying basketball and makes a Reggaeton track with the one and only Yomo and I must say Carlos did a pretty good job on the track, Yomo as always added in his unique flow and made the song pretty good, track produced by Jayco 'El Federal' who is a Dominican producer not to confuse him with Jayko or Jayko Pa' lol, anyways download and check out this song, Enjoy!

Read more Add comment (7) Plan B- House Of Pleasure (Official CD Preview)
10 July 2010
Written by GotDembow

I know we've got you guys the preview of 'House Of Pleasure' by Amazon but thanks to Bryan of AK47 we've got you guys a sick 7 min preview of the album and its 100% official as you'll hear in the beginning. All I got to say is click the green button and listen. If the previews of Amazon didn't do it for you thenthis surely will. The album drops July 20th! Make sure to go out and buy, I have a feeling it could be the album of the year.

Read more Add comment (1) Plan B - House Of Pleasure (Preview, Cover, Tracklist)
10 July 2010
Written by Real Talk

2.Tarde En La Noche
3.Por Que Te Demoras
4.La Nena De Papa (Feat.Tito El Bambino)
5.Si No Le Contesto
6.Es Un Secreto
7.El Amor NoExiste
8.Lloras (Feat. RKM & Ken-Y)
9.Nos Fuimos Discoteca
10.Partysera (Feat. De La Ghetto)
11.El Que La Hace La Paga
12.Mis Canciones Hablan De Sexo (Feat. J-King & Maximan)
13.¿Que Me Paso?
14.House of Pleasure
Check out the official cover and tracklist from 'El Duo Del Sex' and their Sophomore album, 'House Of Pleasure'. Looks pretty good, 10 new songs if you don't include...
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