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  • Publicado : 4 de enero de 2011
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This TRAKTOR 3 controller mapping for Allen & Heath’s XONE:3D controller is intended for technically ambitious DJs, who use all four decks of TRAKTOR 3 in theirperformances. The main aspect of this layout is performance security. To achieve this, most functions usually found on the ‘first level’ of conventional DJ gear (such as pitch bend or cue) are found on thesecond level, and are triggered by first selecting the deck and subsequently the function. The layout makes full use of TRAKTOR 3’s four internal MIDI pages that provide up to four function layers forsome of the controls. For example, the jog wheel can be used in a very intuitive manner to scroll through the track list, to skip through a track, to bend the pitch as well as for scratching. Thevarious functions are grouped together according to their relevance for the different phases of a mix: ► 'Direct access' has been allocated to browsing functions and effect control ► 'Shift-access' hasbeen allocated to functions used when cueing up a song before the mix ► 'Alternate-access' has been allocated to functions used during the mix


Other settings, e.g. for 2 deck mixing, can be foundon our website


Software & Hardware Settings
The software and hardware have to be configured on 4 levels in order to utilize the controller mapping:1. 2. 3. 4. Xone:3D configuration (configuration tool) Soundcard and MIDI interface configuration (manually) MIDI controller assignment (.tks file) Layout configuration (manually)

1. Xone:3DConfiguration
The Xone:3D offers different operation modes that can be selected with the Xone:3D Configuration Utility included on the mixer’s installation CD. For operating the controller with TRAKTOR 3select the following options in the configuration dialog: ► MIDI Channel: 16 ► MIDI Mapping: Map 1

2. Soundcard and MIDI Interface configuration
► Quit TRAKTOR 3 ► Connect the Xone:3D via USB...