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Student's Name:
* Marcia Benita Lopez Guevara.
“2nd year of dental
Teacher’s name: Humberto Quezada.Date: 09-02-2012
“Oral’s health problem”

* Recognize the oral’s health problems in Santo Domingo’s community inManagua city.
* Know generalities about the oral’s health.

* Identify the causes that provoke some oral’s problems inSanto Domingo community.
* Mention some definitions about oral’s health problems.
* Define the tooth decay concept.
* Determine if the most common oral’s health diseases are: the tooth decayand the periodontal illness.

The oral’s health is the most important general health because being and it has a lot of consequences that can damagepeople’s nutrition it’s interpersonal relationship and their metal’s health.
There are a lot of socio-de mographic factors that are directly related with oral’s sickness like: the age, sex, occupationand it’s level of education.
There are specific groups from the population that requiere special attention in the oral’s health which we can identify through a focus to the tooth decay and periodontalsickness.
From the sickness perspective the special groups are constituted for people who are exposed to a big risk of suffer the most seriously oral’s health consequences like the and theperiodontal sickness.
The oral’s sickness already mentions are common and they can cause disability or oral cancer.

Caries (Dental decay):
“Thecaries” is a multifactorial infection sick that characterize the fabric destruction of a demineralization provoke for the acids that generate the dentine and reach the dental pulp producing inflammation...
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