La estructura social de las gentes y las posiblidades de cambio a futuro

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   Have already decided about the template you are going to use for your site.
    Have your main objective and lessons objectives ready.(According to the example given)
     Have a centraltopic around which everything is going to be related.
      Names of the 2 (two) people in your group or you can do it alone, but not 3…
    Transcript for your main page video presentation( seeguidelines)
    Design content and information for your teachers tab


2. MAIN OBJECTIVE: Ss will be able to describe their own life styles.
LESSON OBJECTIVES: 1. Sswill be able to talk about their daily routines
2. Ss will be able to interact about their food likes
3. Ss willbe able to express about their music likes
4. Ss will be able to talk about their hobbies
3. Life styles
4. Aura Reyes- Handy Martinez
5. Helloeverybody, welcome to our English web page. It will be a space for you to have an interactive time with the language. Here you will find listening, reading, and writing activities for you to practice and toimprove language skills. Have a look and pay attention !
Handy Martinez: My name is Handy Martínez, I am 25 years old, I live in Girón ,I study English Teaching Program. One of my favoritehobbies is to study languages, especially English and French, since in my perspective they are really relevant in the development of the globalization. Thus, my main aim is to be able to contributepositively to my country, Colombia, opening new fields of knowledge in languages and cultures.
Aura Reyes: My name is Aura Reyes, I’m 23 years old. I’m studying English teaching program. Right now one ofthe things I really enjoy is to teach English. I am working at English institute teaching little kids. In my free time I enjoy sharing time with my friends, I love to travel and to share time with...
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