La extincion

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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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Believe it or not, to the circus elephant The tacks that will appear in the upcoming television series TVN has "false papers." This is pointed out John Sufan, former regional wildlife manager of this organization who resigned just over a month, who note that the trick is that employers circus used an original document belonging to another elephant has died. According to former SAGwatchdog authorities know of this situation. Sufan even sent a letter to National Television of Chile that were aware, but never received a response. On this issue, Agustín Iriarte, Deputy Chief of wildlife department Agricultural and Livestock Service, says the elephant in question is well recorded and has several documents that guarantee. "It is also an old animal which, by its old, pre - convention"(where in 1975 he took the agreements). This argument is replicated by Sufan, who insists that what matters is the date of acquisition of the animal but not the birth or the pine of all Chile would be pre - convention and would be defenseless.

September, month of the country. Our Chile is full of kites swirl and sun. "General Velásquez" becomes the center of the party giving space to one of ourmost joyous traditions: the circus. Families buy hats, thumbnails, candied peanuts and laugh out loud with the routines of the clowns. Then comes the turn of the animals: chimps, tigers and elephants are the stars of the evening, performing dangerous tests and charming dance numbers.

Many of the animals we have fun at national and international circus and join us in morning television, areproducts of animal trafficking. The worst of this situation is that these species are found in Appendix I of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). This means they are threatened or who may be affected by trade. For all of them is prohibited export and import for commercial purposes unless you come from hatcheries formally registered with theSecretariat of the Convention

eating monkey meat

Apparently our country is not complying with the commitments made in this Convention since July 1975. The former head of the regional fauna of this body, John Sufan, is blunt. For this biologist and master's in management, conservation and control of endangered species, much of the responsibilityfor the issue of trafficking is the Agricultural and Livestock Service. He says to be sure that the body commits serious irregularities in the granting of licenses and permits. Even accused of submitting false information in some cases. Agustin Iriarte, downplays the remarks, thinking that are hurt by a former employee. However, assumes that the department has serious control problems. "Our totalbudget is 14 million pesos. Furthermore, only four people working for all of Chile in this area, in circumstances that make it 350 in Argentina, Peru and the United States 35 10 000. "

One points to the harshest criticism of the famous Circo Hermanos Fuentes Gasca. Chile has known all his animals through the program Good Morning to All National Television. These animals have entered our country,according to information provided by Sufan with invalid documentation. There are three chimpanzees, three Asian elephants and ten tigers, species that are protected by CITES. According Sufan, chimpanzees papers said their place of origin was Guatemala but that came from South African farms. The point is that this country has no breeding of the species. The ages of the certificates do not coincidewith the actual ages of the animals.

Something similar happened with the elephants that supposedly came from American farms, in this country there are no breeding recorded in CITES Secretariat. With Mono-owned Mexican circus baboon also had irregularities when they leave Mexico certified that the animal was three and when they arrived in Chile presented a copy of documents a year and eight...
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