La fabula del aguila y el zorro

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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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The eagle and the fox

In the forest, everyone knew that the eagle and the fox were very good friends. They had even built their homes in close proximity to each other. TheEagle and his family had their nest on top of a steep rock, while at the foot of it, the fox had dug a burrow very comfortable for his wife and her cubs. Oh, yes! They were greatneighbors! The mischievous fox cubs, given to frolic, they had much fun watching the broad-winged eagle came down to his rowdy brood, to give the food that brought him into theirclutches.

But tonight, when the sun hid behind the big elm tree in the forest, the eagle came down to earth slowly. He had searched the entire forest, down to very near the trees,finding no dinner. Their claws were empty, and their children were hungry. When he saw the mischievous foxes frolicking below, the great bird swooped to the foot of the rock,clung to one of the little ones, writhing in its talons, and carried it to its nest.

His brothers were horrified, and his mother, furious! But the eagle, sure that her nest wastoo high for the fox to catch up, turned a deaf ear to their cries. Triumphantly, he brought the terrified puppy to your children screamed, and watched opened wide their beaks.
Butthe fox had not been watching all this with impassive air. Making a branch that burned in his fireplace, threw it to the top of the rock. Immediately, the dry grass and branchesof the eagle's nest on fire.
Amid the general alarm, the puppy crawled out of the nest and went tumbling down the rock. When it came down, his mother held out her legs and tookhim lovingly to reintegrate into his cave.
-You can disregard the cries of those agravies said angrily to his friend the fox of old-but does not protect you from retaliation.
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