La familia panameña

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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The Panamanian family is in crisis. The permisibilidad and tolerance of some parents of family have contributed to that increasing deterioration. The incompletes homes and thefamily desertion are salient characteristics of this phenomenon that is undermining the foundations of the mentioned society. Is stranger that now that is increased institutions in favor of the familyis when there is more tension in the homes. In the lack of understanding, the jealousy, the egoism and the lack of tolerance, are the causes that contribute to that there is more breaking in thePanamanian homes. To it is necessary to add, the hypocrisy of certain families who self-proclaim Christians, but nothing does so that there is peace in his homes. As much the man as the woman shares theresponsibility of these anomalies. The lack of harmony in a family is consequence of the lack of dialogue between the familiar heads so that it prevails the pride and the low passions, which avoidsreconciliation so that the pride is put in front. The woman sometimes creates to have the monopoly of the reason and although great part of the culpability in a familiar disagreement, she thinks that shedoes not have to ask excuses the husband, and on the contrary, esteem that everything deserves it. The man with his masculinity also thinks that its pride is affected if before the counterpart or itspair does not take the first step to file harshness. These are the situations that it foretells in a storm, the one that really finishes with adulterous relations that an abyss between those beingsabre who promised eternal love sometimes. The family is the base of all society but to preserve the unit it is necessary to measure the value of this familiar unit. The Catholic Church coined a phraseof which the family who says united remains united. And it must serve as example, for those who instill hatred in the familiar sine, just like intrigue and maledicencias that do not make another...
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