La fuerza de sheccid

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A point of time in the past
When did the man arrive to the moon?
During the 1969s. In the 1969s. Over 40 years ago.
Whenwas the pichincha battle?
During the 1822. In the 1822s. Over 190 years ago.

A period of time that continues to the present
How long has the presidentRafael Correa been in the goverment?
Since 2007. Since Lucio Gutierrez goverment end. For about the last four years.
How long have the rolling stones beenplaying?
Since 1962. For about the last 48 years.

A period of time in the past
How long was the flintstones TV show transmited?
From 1960 to 1966 forsixteen years.
How long was Alex Aguinaga playing soccer?
From 1984 to 2005. For twenty one years.

In 1975, Angellina Jollie was born , She is anactress has been popular for the last eleven years
she won twenty seven million of dollars from 2008 to 2009 for her participation in the movie kung fu pandaand wanted .
She acts since 1993 and she is a famous internacional actress since she was the protagonist in the movie Tomb Raider.
During the time thatshe acted in the movie tomb raider, she knows the poor of the people live in Camboya because in this place the movie was filmed for this reason she decidedmake Humanitarian work in 2001.
The Film Tomb Raider was filmed nearly ten years ago.
In 2000 she won an Oscar like the best actress for her participationin the movie interrupted innocence .
She is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and also she is a model since she was fourteen years old .
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