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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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magical cartoonist
by cynthia sherwood
without the creativity of one man, there would be no "happiest place on earth," also known as disneyland. Walt disney was a creative genius who looked out ona huge orange grove and imagined building a "magic kingdom."

disney was bom in 1901 in chicago, llli."As a child, he enjoied drawing and even sold his pictures to neighbors. when he was sixteen,he joined the red cross and drove an ambulance in france during world war one. After the war ended, disney estarted making short cartoons in kansas city, but soon ran out of money. He decided to findhis fortune in holywood. He came to california with a suitcase and $20 in his pocket.

It took a while, but disney began to enjoy success with his cartoons. He created mickey mouse, the mostfamous cartoon character ever. then in 1937 snow white and the seven dwarsfs premiered. it was the first full-length animated movie, and a huge success. Disney made many more monies that we still watchtoday, including pinocchio, dumbo, and bambi.

it was in the 1940s that walt disney first had brainstorm about a fun park for families. His idea grew bigger, and he realized he needed a lot ofspace for his park. He wanted it to have everything--a mountain, rockets spinning teacups and a fairy castle.

year after walt disney first had the idea disneyland opened in 1955 in a former orangegrove in anaheim california. Admission cost a dollar. By its tenth anniversary, 50-million visitors had come to the magic kingdom.
disney died in 1966 a few years before the opening of his next dreamproject disney world if you ever visit one of the parks, go to a disney movie, or watch the disney channel, you can think of the man with amazing ideas who started it all.
Traduccióndibujante mágica
por Cynthia Sherwood
sin la creatividad de un hombre, no habría "lugar más feliz sobre la tierra", también conocido como Disneyland. Walt Disney fue un genio creativo que daba a un huerto de...
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