La gastronomia

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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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It´s a cream based on yellow skin lemon with scotch whisky ,it is an alcoholic beverage not common in the market .
Is a cream with adifferent flavor .To launch to the market this type of cream it will be lunched in a glass bottle of 750ml and 1lt.
It has prices from $311 for a 750ml to $359 for1lt.
They promote this product in beautiful places of the world, because it’s considered places to the best in the market .Also it used personalities of theartistic way that are in the best moment of their career.
They have tv commercials and they pay flyers in different places they are giving free samples totaste it and sometimes if you buy a bottle of this product they could give you a gift like limited edition glasses or only something to have fun like pokers ordominoes.
As an exclusive product is going to be distributed using a retailer channel, working directly with retailers in this case specialty store andliquor stores.
The distribution channel will be used because is not necessary work with middle man.

A-B Level office workers
C Students of university
A-B Level of people that looks cocktails
I choose this segmentation because this kind ofpeople could help my product to be known and after they taste this new product ,they are going to talk about it whit their friends , family and people aroundthey.
My purpose is to know if my product will have good sales in the market and know if the people like the flavor.
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