La gastuperancia

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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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It is sad and unfortunate to have to say this is the Rector Rector more inefficient and incapable of any history of the UASD, Out of budgets that has designated the Statehas UASD what to look for dining Fund for the Summer Course for paying teachers for Purchase castable materials, payment of employee insurance for the maintenance of physicalfacilities, this is out of invercion been doing the Infrastructure of the House of study, the Current Rectory has not made Inversions had to do in high technology platformthat house this study shows is the difficulties presented by the student to the West reencribirce has not invested in the preparation and automation of Teachers and the onlything that makes the president is requesting funds to the state to invest Mal, the camera has to intervene and Count Audit the rectory UASD

It is unfortunate that thepresident of such a prestigious house of studies find no other alternative to meet the needs of the university and not stop to think that this measure will result in thousandsof students unable to continue their studies in the future improve their quality of life, this increase should not be so high.

Now who decided to increase appropriationsand fees should reincripcion UASD authorities to clean up the parasitic empleomania have overcharged the payroll as irresponsible teachers also fired on a whim studentsapart from the inability pedagogical bring these, as also a review of the racing pesum taught in our Univerisdad to be updated to the new times, these employees and politicizedand mediocre teachers should get them out of our university as well as students with great performance that take decades to finish a race. Save our university this vultures.
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