La gente india comprarada con la dehonduras

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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2011
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Analucia Sierra
Mrs. Wellington
December 12, 2010

The Indian people and the Honduras may differ in different ways. An example of a movie that clearly states the Indian culture is “Bend it likeBeckman”. It’s about an Indian girl called Jess that wants to play soccer but her parents won’t let her for many reasons. A British girl named Julie saw her play with some guys at the park while shewas running. She convinced Jess to come try out for the local woman’s soccer team. She sneaks of to practice and ends up going to the U.S.A. for a scholarship. Jess’s parents decided that they wouldgive it a try and let her go. In this movie it shows that the Indian culture and the Honduran are very different. Indians believe in different gods, they dress differently, and in addition they don’tmake their weddings a different way.
Hondurans can get married two different ways, while with Indians its one whole celebration. The Indians only marry people from their own culture. Pinky: “Happynow?? My wedding has been canceled because of you!” Jess: “Me? Why?” Pinky: “They saw you being filthy with an English boy!” Jess: “They’re lying! I wasn’t with any English boy!” Pinky: “They saw youtoday at the bus stop kissing him!” Jess: “Kissing? Me? A boy?! – Your mad. You’re all bloody mad!” As you can see, wedding’s get called off if they see any siblings with another guy that’s notIndian. Hondurans on the contrary don’t call the wedding off because they saw someone related to the family kissing someone else. They do cancel the wedding if they see the bride-to-be kissing another guythat’s not the fiancée. Therefore, marriage is different according to your culture. You also use different dresses.
Nobody denies that every culture has its own way of dressing. Indians most likelyuse colorful, and ankle-length dresses. They also like to wear it loose, but you can wear it tight too. While Honduran people like to use white, long dresses. We also like to wear them tight from the...
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