La gran depresion

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During 1930´s, the whole world suffered because of the great depression; even though it had effects all over the world, the United States was the responsible for the Great Depression. Everythingbegan with the fall in stock prices, bank failures and other reasons such as war debts, over production in agriculture and of course, the unfair distribution of wealth among social classes. Most peopleshould thing that high social classes should not suffer any consequences or at least suffer the minimum, but people from every social class suffered its consequences and, as it was to expect, poorpeople were the most affected ones.
One of the main consequences of the great depression was the unemployment. This not only affected the lower class, but it also affected wealthy people. This worldwideissue could be defined as “The key to unemployment” because ever since the stock market fell, people from all over the world, specifically USA lost their jobs because it was impossible for thecompanies to afford such thing as paying its workers salaries. Owners had to focus on saving themselves before helping other people. In order to do that, many people had to be fired so that money could besaved and businesses could recover faster.
Of course, recovery could not be an easy thing due to the fact that Economy during that period collapsed. It had many ups and downs; at times the wholesituation seemed to be better but then something happened and economy dropped again. The biggest economic crisis was during 1931. It was until 1953 when the United States was able to come back to normalin terms of economy. Obviously, society was uncertain about their future. They had many things to worry about especially; they had to worry about their families, what were they going to eat, how wouldthey get the money they needed in order to maintain them.
Due to all their worries, people were depressed. Days seemed to be longer than they actually were because things just did not seem to be...
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