La historia de un hombre tranquilo

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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2012
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Depth study
A) 1- This picture show as a Free Corps officer with many men of the young revolution killed. After the First World War, the Weimar Republic started in a democratic politics. The FreeCorps were anti-communist ex soldiers, they were against the Spartacists, a communist party led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Spartacist were fighting for a revolution against a democraticstate, the wanted a Germany ruled by workers, councils or soviets. So both groups faced and, as the picture shows, the Free Corps won, killing a lot of communist, the communist revolution failed.

2-After the First World War made up former officers, demobilized soldiers, fanatical nationalists and unemployed youths was organized. We can say that it was a military organization, but also we canthink it was not a military organization.
On the one hand, we can say it was a military organization by the reason that they were heavily armed, they were prepared to fight if it was necessary. Thisis supported with the battle against communists, they killed more than 600 communists, a very large number to not be a military organization. This organization contained former officers and exsoldiers, this is other reason to think they were a military organization.
By the other hand, we are not sure if they were militaries, there is not clear evidence of a chain of command. Also peoplewhich defend this position, support this saying that it contained unemployed youths, not only ex soldiers of the war.
In conclusion, I think it is not so important if it was a military organization ornot, the interesting thing of this group, if what they did, all people they killed, what they wanted for Germany, we can not affirm if it was a military organization.

3- I don’t know if one ofthe sources is more useful than the other, it depends on who is reading it. For me it was more useful the second one, because it contained more detailed arguments. Instead, the first one just has an...