La importancia de leer

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Provide a gerund or an infinitive to complete the sentences. Use the cues in parenthesis.
1. Visiting foreign countries is one of the perks of business. (visit)2. It would take a good amount of time to visit all the countries in Asia. (visit)
3. I like to see new places. (see)
4. It took them five hours to make the appraisal. (make)
5. Layingbricks all day is very tiring. (Lay)
6. He went to the construction depot to buy three boxes of tiles. (buy)
7. The construction workers unloaded the gravel truck without stopping once.(stop)
8. The architects stopped on the way to the construction site talking to an electrician (talk)
9. The secretary has finished typing the report for the auditors. (type)
10. He planned tothrow party to celebrate having finished the construction of the hotel ahead of time. (throw)
In the following sentences, circle the conjunction and, but or or. Then, determine if the sentence isparallel or not. If it is not parallel, rewrite the sentence correctly
1. The architect can buy the bathroom furniture or the interior designer could ask the store to deliver it at the constructionsite.
2. The bank manager and the City Hall auditor will check the loan papers.
3. The sixth floor has ten offices, but the tenth floor only has five.
4. Your peer in France and your peerin Italy will decide where to hold the international meeting, Spain or Greece.
5. Tom held jobs as an auditor, a book keeper and in a bank.
All the following sentences should have pairedconjunctions (both… and; either…. or; neither… nor or not only…. but also).
1. I know both why the architect was mistaken and  the plumber did not fix the leak.
2. According to the program, you...
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