La importancia de llamarse ernesto

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More known as Jack Worthing, he was abandoned when he was a baby, he was given shelter by Mr.
Cardew, who looked after him till his death afterthat Jack became the guardian ofMr. Cardew's
daughter, Cecily. They live in the same house in the country, but Jack lives too in the town as Ernest
Worthing, a false brother with very bad reputation that Jack has invented inorder to can do everything
he wants without problems. Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax but she knows him as Ernest

He is a person who likes to argue foreverything, is extremely educated and a few strict, he lives in the
town but when he wants to go out to enjoy himself he has a technique called Bunburyist, it consists of
make this family believe that hehas a friend called Mr. Bunbury who has very bad health and due to
that Algernon has to visit him many times. In one of his leavings Algernon falls in love with Cecily
when he was doing like he wasErnest Worthing.

She is the only daughter of Lady Bracknell, she is nice, clever and a few romantic, but she lives with
the obsession of getting married to somebodycalled Ernest.

She is the mother of Gwendolen and the aunt of Algernon. She is a very hard woman, and worried in
excess for what the society thinks of her and her family.She wants, above all, to find an ideal husband
(good family and position) to Gwen and is very critical to all her candidates.

She is the ward of Jack Worthing, she lives in acountry house with her governess Ms. Prism, Cecily
is a nice, young lady, very impatient, romantic and a few crazy, as the same as Gwendolen she wants
to get married to somebody called Ernest.

She is the governess of Cecily, is a woman well educated and very cultured, she lives dedicated to
educate Cecily, although inside herself she hide a secret, 20 years ago she lost a baby...
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