La importancia de los movimientos sociales para la construccion de una sociedad democratica..

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The history Of El Salvador:
The history of El Salvador began in the 40´s when it was very scanty, slightly professional, and with a low cost. One medium that was used were the vehicles with speakersthat were spreading in the public route with different products.
* This fact frame a new epoch in the development of the national publicity sector.
In the first period of the publicity of thecountry, the printer medium began to take importance and the advertisings were negotiated directly with the clients.
In the second period of the adverting, it was related with the arrival of thetelevision in 1956 that revolutionized the communications and the creativity of the agencies with the first spots in live.
In the third period, in 1971 the televisions with colors were introduced, and inthe 80´s new means arise, dominated alternative, for example: luminous labels, magazines with colors, posters, etc.
Disadvantages of advertising:
* It forces people to desire and buy goods,which, in fact, are not
within their means.

* It increases the cost of goods. Advertising charges are included
in the price, which the consumer has to pay.

* Advertisingresults in monopoly. The consumer becomes a slave
to a particular brand.

* Advertising appeals make people to use such articles, which
may affect their health. For examplealcoholic drinks and

Types of agencies:

* Doyle Dane Bernbach -- created famous campaigns for Volkswagen (including the famous "Lemon" ad) and Avis Rental Cars ("We're number2. We try harder.")
* JWT (formerly J. Walter. Thompson) -- works with Kelloggs, Unilever, Diageo
* Ogilvy & Mather -- famous for the Rolls-Royce print ad with the headline "At 60 miles anhour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock", among other ads 
* TBWA\Chiat\Day -- works with Apple Computer (including the "Think Different" campaign) and...
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