La madre migrante (ensayo analitico)

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  • Publicado : 5 de noviembre de 2011
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Deborah Michelle Edwards
Dr. Nancy Applegate
English 1101
25 October 2011

Migrant Mother 1936

This woman could be you, your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, best friend, cousin,niece, daughter, granddaughter, and any woman you might know. She portraits a hopeless, sad, heartbreaking, and lonely human being, and the question is: “Is she really?” We all have moments when wereflect feelings like the ones mentioned before, and even sometimes we are great artists that hide what we are living under difficult circumstances. This woman and her children are suffering theindifference of the people, of the world. How will they survive? How will they find a way to make things better? How will they find happiness and relief from the pain they feel inside?
If you lookclosely you can see a beautiful woman that has gone through so much in her young life. Her eyes reflect the desperation she feels deep within her heart. The lines in her forehead represent all those hotsummer days, under the unforgiving sunlight, working hard to help her family. Her lips dried by the absence of fluids in her body, that delicious and necessary water that travels along her arteriesproviding the moisture she needs. Her hair is dull because she lacks the vital nutrition that makes her hair vibrant with color and shininess. Her hands are tired and filthy, because she has no wayto clean them and protect them. Those hands represent her hardworking moments, long days under the sun, long hours looking for something she needs for her kids. Those hands have provided her ways togive to her family. Those hands are her instruments to give, not only things, but love.
Her clothes are ragged, and so are her children’s clothes. The family’s clothes themselves show the povertythey are living in. These clothes are supposed to give them protection from the external environment and they have been worn out by the constant use. It is clearly visible, in the blond child...
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