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Europe is a of the continents that from the supercontinent euro Asiatic and has forty-four countries.
* At north with the glacial arctic ocean.
* At South Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.
* At east: with Asia, the Urals mountains: the carpio sea and the caucaso mountain.
Europe is the second continent more small of the planet in terms of surface; it has a surface tenmillion five hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred fifty-one square kilometers.
Europe is the fourth continent more populated after of Asia, Africa and America, with a population of seven hundred thirty-nine millions.
In Europe are spoken more of fifty languages, nevertheless the ten native languages with more number of speakers are the Russian, the German, the Turkish, the French, the English,the Italian the Spanish.
Europe's economy is the largest in the world. Most of their countries belong to the first world. in the nineteenth century made ​​the first modern integration of the economies of some European countries through the Customs Union of Germany.
Germany is economically the most powerful nation in Europe, followed by France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain but the firstin terms of income per capita, both in Europe and the world, Luxembourg.
Each country has its own traditions and customs, for example:
In Italy tend to eat a lot of pasta, their dishes are pizza, spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli, etc..
Germany is projecting their costumes with blouses, aprons, bodices and skirts. Men use pants with suspenders and hat. His favoritedrink is beer and celebrates the day of the sausage.
In Spain tend to hold worship of trees and animals, to the waters and the spirits. also made ​​amulets against the evil eye and cure diseases with knowledge of medicinal herbs.
geographic features
Ladoga: Lake Ladoga is a freshwater lake located in Leningrad with an area of seventeen thousand seven hundred square kilometers, is thelargest lake in Europe and the number fifteen in the world. are within six hundred sixty islands.
Onega: Lake Onega is a Russian lake. Has an area of ​​nine thousand eight hundred ninety-four km square (making it the largest lake in Europe). Has within three hundred sixty-nine thousand islands.

Constanza: the lake of constanza it is surrounded by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. in their arealive about two million five hundred thousand inhabitants.
Alps: is the mountain system more high densely populated of Europe; occupies a surface of two hundred and forty thousand kilometers square and is located in the south of central Europe.
Pyrenees: mountain system located in the southwest of Europe that separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of the Europe continent. Has fourhundred thirty-five kilometers of altitude.
Apeninos: chain mountainous of Italy, has thousand two hundred and ninety of longitude and arrives and reaches up to one hundred twenty-nine kilometers of width.
Etna: volcano from the South Italy, it`s active and has form of immense cone. His altitude is of three thousand three hundred twenty-three. The eruptions of this volcano have beenvery disastrous.
Vesubio: volcano from the south Italy, his altitude is of thousand two hundred seventy-seven meters. The first eruption of this volcano is registered in the year seventy-nine and the last in a thousand nine hundred ninety-four.
United Kingdom: is a highly industrial country, between their mains products is find the fabrication of steel, cement and beer.
Italy: is acountry very industrialized but also engage to the agriculture. Their principals products are the cereals, others sectors industrials actives in Italy are: the food and of the furnishing like shoes.
Russia: is the country more extensive of the world. Has an area of seventeen million seventy-five thousand four hundred square kilometers. And occupies all northern Asia and around of el forty percent...