La monalisa

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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La Gioconda.

The painting La Gioconda, also known as the Mona Lisa, the Mona Lisa, The Madonna Joconde in French and Elisa, is a painting of Leonardo da Vinci. Since the sixteenth century the French State owned, and displayed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Its official name is Mona Lisa (which, translated from Italian to Castilian is happy), to honor the most accepted theory about theidentity of the model, based on the fact that Bartholomew was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo and his name was Lisa Gherardini.
Is an oil on poplar board 77 x 53 cm, painted between 1503 and 1506.1 and retouched several times by the author. The technique used was the sfumato, a procedure very typical of Leonardo. The picture is protected by multiple security systems and environments for theirpreservation óptima.2 is constantly reviewed to verify and prevent deterioration.
In addition, technological tools have been used to investigate mysteries surrounding the work. Through historical research has determined that the model could be a neighbor of Leonardo, who could know his descendants and that the model could have been pregnant.3 Despite all the assumptions, firm answers to variousquestions about works of art are clearly inadequate, which creates more curiosity among fans of the picture.
The fame of this painting is based solely on the technique used or its beauty, but also in the mysteries that surround it. In addition, robbery he suffered in 1911, reproductions made, the many works of art that are inspired by the existing frame and skits help turn La Gioconda's most famouspainting in the world, visited by millions of people annually. 4
Leonardo da Vinci was born in the village of Anchiano the town of Vinci in Italy. It was the result of illegitimate relations of the notary Ser Piero and his maid, Catarina Vacca.1 At 14 he entered the prestigious workshop of the Florentine painter Andrea Verrocchio, where he studied with Sandro Botticelli and Perugino.5developed the study of mathematics , geometry, perspective and all the sciences of observation of the natural environment, 6 of which were considered indispensable at the time. As continuing education, and also studied architecture and ingeniería.7 Leonardo was a Renaissance humanist, a leading multi-disciplinas.8 Served as diverse and influential people like Lorenzo de Medici, the Duke of Sforza,the rulers of Mantua and Francis King I Francia.6
Among his most notable works are The Virgin of the Rocks, The Battle of Anghiari, The Last Supper, and the innovative work Gioconda.6
La Gioconda is the most famous portrait of history and perhaps the most famous painting of the painting occidental.9 10 Your fame is probably due to the many literary references to the variousinterpretations of the protagonist and the scandalous theft occurred on August 21 1911.
It is also the last great work of Leonardo, bearing in mind that continued touching up until his last years.11 When Leonardo went to Rome at the behest of the new Pope, his life became monotonous and nothing productiva.12 Leonardo died without significant engagements under the protection of Leo X, Giovanni de 'Medici,son of Lorenzo de Médici.13 14
After finishing the painting, Leonardo took his work to Rome and then to France where he remained until his fallecimiento.15 know what happened at the hands of the French king Francis I, who would have bought it at a value of 12,000 francs (4,000 escudos gold), 16 although it is unclear whether it was in 1517, before the artist's death, or after his death in1519.17 Following the death of the king, the play went to Fontainebleau, then Paris and then to the Palace Versailles. However, there is evidence that remained in the French royal collections and in the nineteenth century, Napoleon Bonaparte was kept in the Tuileries Palace after a season in his residencia.18 With the French Revolution arrived in the Louvre, where currently, Napoleon withdrew from...
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