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Spring 2012
January 9 – May 14
MLK Day: Jan 16
Spring Recess: Mar 5-10
Spring Weekend: April 6-7
Last Day: May 1

SPAN3208-002 Introduction to Literary Analysis

El creador de libros (The Creator of Books) by José Boyano

Professor Batista
COED 455

Description: The course is organized as a survey course for beginning students of Spanish andSpanish American literatures, or Hispanic literature. The course is divided into three sections: drama, poetry, and narrative (short story and novel). Basic terms and concepts governing each genre are covered. The novel will be covered separately in a final paper.

Objectives: Introduce students to key literary terms, forms, authors, periods and concepts; aid students in becoming betterreaders, writers and critical thinkers.

Prerequisites: SPAN 3201 and 3202, or 3203 are required in order to take this course.

Required Texts:
Carmelo Virgilio, L. Teresa Valdivieso, Edward H. Friedman. Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispánica, 6/e. [o 7/e]
Marquez, Gabriel García. Del amor y otros demonios.

Grade Distribution:
10% Attendance & Participation20% Essay on Novel
15% Essay on Drama
15% Essay on Short Story
10% Presentation on Poetry
10% First Partial Exam
10% Second Partial Exam
10% Comprehensive Essay Exam

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory; tardiness strongly discouraged. Two justified absences are excused and documentation must be shown (for example, valid doctor’s note). If you miss a group activity of which youare a member or if you miss your own presentation you will not be allowed a make-up.

Participation: Students are expected to participate consistently, actively, and productively. Cooperation with peers in order to bring out each other’s best is rewarded.

Essays (3x): Students must complete four short papers using MLA formatting and style. Each paper is devoted to a specific genre.Except for the five-page paper on the novel, all papers must be three pages long.

Drama | |
Thesis Statement | January 18 |
Draft | January 25 |
Annotated Bibliography | |
Revision | February 8 |
| |
Short Story | |
Thesis Statement | February 15 |
Draft | February 22 |
Annotated Bibliography | |
Revision | Mar 14 |
| |
Novel | |
ThesisStatement | Mar 28 |
Draft | April 4 |
Annotated Bibliography | |
Revision | April 18 |

Drafts must be followed by an annotated bibliography with at least three reliable and authoritative sources. Revisions must take into account all of the suggested changes and mandatory corrections of the original paper and annotated bibliography. In order to be accepted, the original and annotatedbibliography must be attached to the final version.

The grade of the revision will reflect the amount of work that went into the first draft (that must be tightly constructed and highly polished), the annotated bibliography and the revision of the original. Much weight goes into the improvement of the original.

Hopefully, the different stages of the paper will reinforce the idea thatwriting is a process.

The format of the papers should follow the following specifications:
* Paper: Letter
* Margins: One inch top and bottom
* Fonts:
* Times New Roman
* Size 12
* Spacing: Double space

Presentation: Prepare a 90 second to 3 minute video clip in which you summarize, explain and contextualize the poem of your choice. Upload the video ontoMoodle.

Poetry | DEADLINE |
| April 11 |


1. Anónimo (España): «Romance del Conde Arnaldos»

2. Santa Teresa de Jesús (España): «Vivo sin vivir en mí»

3. Garcilaso de la Vega (España): «Soneto IV»

4. Francisco de Quevedo (España): «Amante agradecido»

5. Francisco de Quevedo (España): “Represéntase la brevedad de la vida”

6. Lope de Vega (España):...
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