La musica

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Since the beginning of civilization, primitive man began to use dance and religious ceremonies, to pray to the gods that are successful hunting and farming. At the same timeis developing techniques with which the sounds began to accompany the rites

The man begins to sing accompanied with clapping and stamping his feet.
Already in thePaleolithic begin to invent the first percussion instruments, called idiophones shock.

is necessary to make music that are playing different instruments, there are differenttypes of musical instruments, can be string, for example, guitar, harp, bass ... can be wind, flute, clarinet, trumpet .., can be percussion, triangle, bongos, bass drum, the 60s jazz sound appeared, in the 70s jazz rock, in the 80's pop, 90s alternative rock and 2000 to the present day has been fought hard rock

The music has alwaysplayed an important role in learning, behavior and emotions. Many times the music is part of the tradition of a country. There are many kinds of music (reggae, tango, folk, rap,polka, salsa, samba, rock, pop, etc...

According to the Center for Sociological Research, 78% of young people from 18 to 24 years listening to music every day or almostevery day. In a large survey of young people between 14 and 16 years, in 10 different urban cities of the southeastern United States, listen to music an average of 40 hours aweek.

Young people listen to music from that rise until they go to bed, and even many of them sleep with music. Music is used by youth and adolescents as background music andaccompanying from the shower, while doing homework or help with household chores when they go by subway, bus, car or bike, or while watching TV or chatting with friends.
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