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Impulse Response Utility
User Manual

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An Introduction to Impulse Response Utility About Impulse Response Utility About the Impulse Response Utility Documentation Additional Resources

Chapter 1

7 Understanding Deconvolution and Impulse Responses 7 Impulse Response Recording: Transients Method 8 Impulse ResponseRecording: Sine Sweep Method 9 9 11 12 12 17 18 18 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 30 31 Setting Up Your Impulse Response Recording Environment Ideal Impulse Response Recording Setup Alternative Impulse Response Recording Setup Speaker and Microphone Selection Suggestions Speaker and Microphone Placement Suggestions Creating Impulse Responses in Impulse Response Utility Getting to Know the InterfaceUnderstanding the Workflow Creating Your Project Assigning Input and Output Hardware Configuring the Monitoring Parameters Configuring the Sweep Generator Recording Audio into Impulse Response Utility Deconvolving Your Impulse Response Editing Your Impulse Response Auditioning Your Impulse Response Creating a Space Designer Setting Saving, Opening, and Reverting to Saved Projects

Chapter 2

Chapter 3Chapter 4

33 Recording Impulse Responses from Audio Equipment 33 Recording Impulse Responses from Guitar Speakers 34 Recording Impulse Responses from Hardware Devices


Chapter 5

35 B-Format Surround Encoding 36 Advantages of B-Format Surround Encoding 36 Microphone Suggestions for B-Format Recording 39 Impulse Response Utility Tutorial 39 Creating a Five Channel Surround ImpulseResponse 40 Recording a Mono to Omni 5 Channel Impulse Response




An Introduction to Impulse Response Utility

Impulse Response Utility is a multi-track audio recording and deconvolution application. It is designed to enable you to create your own impulse response files for Space Designer, the convolution-based reverb effect of Logic Studio. Although Space Designercomes with plenty of great sounding Halls, Delays, and other Reverbs, you might want to create an impulse response of your own studio, kitchen, bathroom, or even teapot. This preface covers the following: • About Impulse Response Utility (p. 5) • About the Impulse Response Utility Documentation (p. 5) • Additional Resources (p. 6)

About Impulse Response Utility
Impulse Response Utility is...
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