La odisea vista por los dioses

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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My purpose with this piece of creative writing is to let the reader see the gods’ point of view during the events of the Odyssey. I have written about this because I felt it would be appropriate and interesting, since all of Odysseus’ actions during his voyage revolve around the gods, asking them for safety through prayer, interacting directly with them, orenraging them. The Gods speak among each other in a rather informal register, without losing might by using somewhat old-fashioned (though back then, they were not old-fashioned, but a respectful mannr of speech) and using words like “boomed”, “rumbled”, and the like, to refer to the gods’ speech. I have decided to give them all different personalities, for the reader’s benefit – so that the godsdon’t sound all the same, and it’s easier to identify who is speaking. Zeus is very relaxed, in a powerful way. Poseidon is something of an incorrigible fighter. Hades is, as mythology says, quite personable for a god. Athena is Poseidon’s female counterpart, also obsessed with battles and even having something of a rivalry with Poseidon. Hermes will be portrayed as a messenger (which he… is),constantly coming and going, informing Zeus of what is happening. And Helios is the stereotypical spoiled rich boy, who doesn’t care what happens as long as it doesn’t affect him, and that throws a tantrum if he is bothered. Odysseus and his men will not have any dialogue, but Polyphemus will, albeit a very brief one. I will also add Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, to explain Odysseus’ falling asleep atthe temple in Thrinacia.
“I’ve summoned the gods you requested, Your Grandness,” said Hermes, “They should be arriving any minute now.” “Thank you, Hermes,” replied Zeus, the God of Gods, ruler of the skies and thunder. He had summoned his two brothers, Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, and Hades, lord of the dead and the Underworld, as well as Athena, goddess of war and wisdom, and Helios,the Lord of Noon. One by one they showed up before Zeus – a great tremor that shook Olympus itself announced the arrival of Poseidon, who appeared with the crash of a mighty wave. The ground opened up, releasing flames and black smoke, from which emerged Hades. With a mighty cry of battle, arrived Athena, and in a powerful beam of sunlight descended Helios. “Brother,” boomed Poseidon, robesdripping with seawater, “Why have you summoned us?” Zeus beckoned to the gods to an opening in the cloud floor of Olympus. Through it, they saw some ships headed for the Island of the Cyclopes. “That,” said Zeus, “Is Odysseus. Something tells me he will complete his journey back to Ithaca, but he will require our help. I have called you because we can assist him. I find this man to be quiteperseverant, and I like that in a mortal.”
The gods agreed and watched Odysseus go on his way. The man and his crew entered the cave of the cyclops Polyphemus, and after a while, there was some ruckus heard from within it, as well as a horrifying scream. “Ooh, he’s probably getting eaten in there,” said Hades. He closed his eyes for a moment, and opened them again. “Well!” he said, “Some of his men havearrived at my gates – but not Odysseus. He’s still alive. Rather impressive for a human, if I may.” After some time, the Boulder blocking the entrance to the cyclops’ cave was removed, and out stumbled Polyphemus. But there was something not right. “Hang on,” said Hermes, “What’s happened to his eye?” The gods looked at the cyclops’ charred, closed eye, and held their breath waiting for what wasabout to happen.
“POLYPHEMUS!” bellowed Poseidon, “WHAT’S THAT HUMAN DONE TO YOU, MY SON?!” “Peace, brother!” said Zeus, attempting to calm down the raging god of the seas. “He’s probably hit his eye on something and will get better, Oh Oceanic one,” said Hermes. It was then that Polyphemus cried out to his father to avenge him, to kill Odysseus for putting his eye out and tricking him. “Nice...
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