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FÉH Ntr. :134?8E12?73


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"tn makinsrriti ro cansiderati,, request r ,,:::X:#ffi,iT:::#r:;:;f:Y:#-m,

r ce,trry penartyperjury: under or

f.Thatall ol'the informa'ilon thisdocurnentis lfuthful and the evenr(s] in ic¡e-ntiñeO puqe t ¡s¡are =rron ,f,., , *n tfre needto Équesta modification ol*thegqrms my motfgagei+arr. of qh+rtsarledeedrin-lieu foreclosure. dr of 2. I understand thar the servicer, u.s,:Department theTreasury, their: the of or agentsmayinvesrigate flccurñ6y ¡¡y r1i the me statements rnayrequire to provide andsupportinE documentation, I aisounderstand,that krrowingly subrnining information may violateFederal law. 3. I understand $ervicer pull a {urrent creditreporton all borrowers the will oblígated theNote. on 4. I understand defaulred my existingmortgage, that if I haveintentionally on engagedin l'raud misrepresenrr-a or afry fact(s) connection in with this document, Servicer the maycaniel anyAgreeméni underMakingFlomeAflordahle arrcj , : foreclosure.on home. my maypursue 5. -l-hat; propertyi5owner-occupied;intendto reside this propertyfor the nexttwelvemonths;I havenr:t re{eived my t inñotice;and therehasbeenno change the ownership the Property a condemnation in sinceI signed documents of the forthe mortgagethat I want to modify. documen[s questions a timely n-]anner. 6. I am willing toprovideall rsqLr¿E16¿ and to respond all Servicer to in

?. lunderstandthattheServicerwillusethcinformationiñrthisdocume

nttoÉvaruatemyeligibilityforaloanmodifica or short saleoi deed-in-lieufureclosure, the Servicer not oblíga'ted off,er asiistance but is of to me basedsolelyorr in the statements thisdocurRent . r. . hard:hipis rel¿ted excesslve to that my financial dehr, L l amwítlingto c'ámmitio credittbünieling ¡i it i5 determined g. I understand the Servicer collect personal infórffiation, will and record including, not limitedto,my narne, but th¿t income,paymenthistor¡...
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