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A serious problem
Human action creates many different types of residues wich are more or less toxic and wich may invade the atmofphere, the land or the water. we have already seen the problemrelating to pollution of the atmosphere are very similar and water pollution provokes serious problem for our environment.

As you will find out in the next unit, water is constantly moving around theplanet. rain water finishes up in the rivers and the rivers finish up in the seas. this movement of water means that along the way the water takes up many different substances. some of these substanceare natural, they come from the rock in the areas that the water travels through. On the other hand, other substances are present in nature as a resulto of human interferente.

rain water drags withit many toxic substances that are in the soil and carries them to the rivers and streams. the rivers pick up substances from industrial plants on ther way to the sea. in the end all these substancesfinish up in the sea.

Industrial waste

many different types of industries produce waste product of varying levels of toxicity, which them enter the water cycle, for example, the paper industry orthe chemical industry. the production processes in these industries involve the production of substance wich are eliminate in the form of water solutions. this polluted water is a waste product wichfinishes up in either a natural or an artificial water course.
current legislation requires factories that produce this waste to purify water before disposing of it.
this type of pollution ischemical pollution. chemical substances, wich are alien to the ecosystem, spill into the surrounding water system.

Pollution of subterranean Waters

subterranean water refers to all the undergroundwater wich can be used for various different functions.
there are many places in our country where subterranean waters are used for human consumption or irrigation.
subterranean waters can be...
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