La panza del tepozteco

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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This last century has witnessed an immense technological change and social disruption that accompanied it, and few scientists anticipated around 1899. The pace of this transformation has acceleratedand is expected to result will be that in the first two decades of the XXI century is much greater progress than we have seen throughout the twentieth century.Although not the only animal that usestools, Homo sapiens is characterized by the creation of technology. The technology goes beyond the mere invention and use of tools, means a record of its production and progress in complexity. Thisrequires invention and is itself a continuation of evolution by other means.Some species and subspecies of hominids began creating technology. The most intelligent and dynamic of these subspecies was theonly one that survived. This established a pattern that would recur throughout human history, according to which groups end up dominating most advanced technology.As life forms, the pace of technologyhas greatly accelerated over time, the progress of the nineteenth century technology, for example, far exceeded that of previous centuries with the construction of channels and large boats thecreation of paved roads, railway extension, development of the telegraph and telephone, the phonograph, the cinema, the invention of photography, bicycle, sewing machine, automobile and, of course, theelectric bulb Edison. Continuous exponential growth of technology in the first two decades of the twentieth century is comparable to the nineteenth century. But today we got in the twenty-first centuryvast transformations in a few years with so-called new technologies such as informatics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, new robotics, quantum technologies, etc.The word derives from the Greek wordstechne, meaning art or craft''''and logos, meaning''study.'' Often technology is defined as the creation of tools to gain control of the half, but the originality of man is the application of knowledge...
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