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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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Wilmer E. I Reyes Berríos
English 3103
Professor Nellie Vazquez Rivera
November 4, 2011
My Special Object
Every person has a special object in this moment. Some of those are giftgiven from others, or it can be a object that you buy. But the same thing that they have in common, is that we gave them sentimental value. My special object is my cell phone that is fit, reliable andhelpful.
My cell phone is very fit for my university life. It is very modern cell phone. Like many contemporary device it has a touch screen and it is very bright. Also is very small,not like other touch screen cell phone that doesn’t fit in your pocket. For last is the most light cell phone I had in my life. It weighs like 5 oz.
The cell phone is very reliable. Ithas so many capacities to have contacts. It’s good to have many contacts because you never know when you’re going to need help from someone. I feel confident with him. Without him I feel like I’ ammissing one part of my body. It is so special that I feel calm with it.
It has help in so many ways. Before I had this one, I had not a very modern cell phone. But I changed when I startcollege. My cell phone help me for first time when I went to Cayey for first time and I got lost. But my cell phone G.P.S Navigation System help me get back. The second time it help me is when I need to doa work for the university I do it in my cell phone, thanks that is a “Smartphone” and has 3G network. At last and most important time that help me, is when I have back pain in Cayey and no one of myfriends have cell phone signal to communicate the emergency to my parents. But when I look to my cell phone it was the only one who have signal. Thanks to my cell phone I had been healthier.My cell phone is the most special object for my in this world, because is the best fit look that I had have in years with the brightest touch screen. It so reliable that it makes me feel calm and...
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