La paz

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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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The depression, this great epidemic of the 21st century, is predicted in 20 years as the most important reason of medical consultation, even the first reason of death for these years. The common dissatisfaction of the persons and the hopelessness they seemed to say that the peace going out, and in certain way it is to be true. La Paz is defined indictionaries as a condition of quietude, of tranquility, a moment where the ire and the violence are foreign. Some persons define it as a condition, a moment, an agreement or simply "something" very difficult of to obtain.
As well as definitions, there are types, as the social peace, the political peace, the individual peace, between others. In this test I will refer to the individual peace,which for my is the base for other. It wanted to share a history, very brief where there learns very well what actually I want to explain.

" Painting of the perfect peace "

There was once a king who offered a great prize to that artist who could
To catch in a painting the perfect peace. Many artists tried.

The king observed and admired all the paintings, but only there were two thatHe really liked them and it had to choose between them
The first one was a very calm lake. This lake was a perfect mirror where
There were reflected a few placid mountains that were surrounding it. On these
He was finding a very blue sky with tenuous white clouds. All who looked
This painting they thought that this one was reflecting the perfect peace.

The second painting also hadmountains. But these were rough and
Tarts. On them there was a furious sky of which it was falling the impetuous one
Downpour with beams and thunders. Mountain below seemed to resound the frothy one
Water torrent. All that was not revealed for anything pacific
But when the King observed carefully, it looked after the waterfall at one
Delicate shrub growing in a crack of the rock. In this shrubHe was finding a nest. There, in the middle of of the violent fall roars of of
It waters down, a little bird was sat placidly in the way of his nest...

Perfect peace ... which do you believe that it was the winning painting?

… Here I want to begin my test, there can be perceived which is the real peace?,
The people live worried, the news does not help very much, we might say that 80per cent of them, they are bad news, thefts, assaults, kidnappings, deaths attempted, we do not live calm because at any time it might happen to us, put alarms, high gratings, etc.
Though this influences your condition of peace, I want to incline to a little important mas even, the interior peace, this peace that it makes you feel entrusted though quite around you being ruined, this peace, thisconfidence that alone God gives, God gives you the peace, this peace with you itself, this confidence of which everything, though this everything does not seem to be good, is for better, for something much better, the confidence of putting your life in his hands, because nobody mas LOVES YOU like, there is no anybody mas that longs more your happiness that, not your same.
I want to mention a versethat one finds in Filipenses 4:7 " And the God's peace that it exceeds, any understanding, he was guarding your hearts and your thought in Christ Jesus ".
And this peace is free, as said to me a young person, even we need to buy, nor to do any effort it, just to put our life in the God's hands, which there does not give you this momentary peace, which there give the things of the world, thispeace that actually is not a peace because in your unconscious one you know that it is going to end, not this type of peace, it is one infinite, satisfactory, real paz. La Paz I leave you, my peace I give you; I do not give it to you as the world it gives it, your heart does not get embarrassed i be afraid (Juan 14:27).
Then, when you deliver your life in the God's hands, you obtain this real...
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