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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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A unforgettable experience.
Every summer I go on holiday to Coruña, due to the fact that my grandparents live there. I really love this hospitable city. I lived there for six years, That’s why Ihave lots of friends in Galicia.
Last summer my friends decided going on a trip to a haunted house, which is called finis mundi. I knew that story inside out, but despite of my knowledge I decidedto go. I wish I had never gone. It was one of the worst decisions of my life, because currently I can’t forget that horrible day. Before telling you what happened that night. I am going to introducethe legend of this cottage.
Finis mundi is a haunted house which dates from the seven century. It’s located in the north of Spain near coruña and it’s considered one of the most frightening places inEurope. It was originally built by the famous family Heredia, and it was owned by them until Leonor, the last member of the line died. She died inside the house. No one knows why. The house thenpass to some other families. However the period of time that these families last in the house was too short, due to the fact that every member of these family died there. The only person that havesurvived is Carmen, and currently she’s in a lunatic asylum. As far as I’m concerned the legend is based on the idea that the spirit of Leonor still alive. She usually shows up to throw the guests out ofthe house.
The night of the 12th of December we went to this cottage. We went there by car, during the trip I started to feel a strange sense but I didn’t believe in horror tales, that’s why I thoughtthat I was feeling sick. That strange sense warned me that something wrong was going to happen. When we arrived, I saw a old and gothic cottage with lots of windows and a chapel in the bottom sideof the house. When we got into the house, some of my friends started to play up. But I was really scared. We could hear strange noises and screams. So we decided to go out of the house, and to get...