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Vista previa del texto the following store of a UFO sighting, and put the sentence in order by matching them with he pictures. See the example

-when i could see better, i recognized six aliens that had comeout of the spaceship

-when i woke up, the spaceship had already left and spotty was scratching the door. I just couldn’t Belice what i had seen!

-i went outside and saw a saucer-shaped objectflashing on and off. which came whizzing and finally landed in my garden

-they were tiny and had three eyes. Tour legs and just one arm ending in a flash, with which they paralyzed spotty

-but icouldn’t see anymore because i fainted alter running into the house

-i herad a humming noise louder until, suddenly, the  whole house was roaring and trembling; so i looked through the window and sawthat the sky had turned all red

-before getting back to the spaceship, they had come into my house and taken some newspapers where somo people had declared having seen UFOs a few days before



2. ia there anything wrong in the story? Correct the mistake in each sentence according to wath the Pictures show




1.      answer the following questions basedon the reading. Use complete sentences and the pasat perfect tense.


a.wath had the woman done when spoty started parking

b.why did she look out of the dor

c. wath did she recognize whenshe could see better

d. what had the aliens done before leaving

e. what had some paople done a few days before el almacén siguiente de un UFO que avista, y puesto la oración enorden emparejándolos con él representa. Vea el ejemplo

 - cuando podría ver mejor, reconocí a seis extranjeros que habían salido de la nave espacial

 - cuando desperté, la nave espacial se habíaido ya y manchado rasguñaba la puerta. ¡Apenas no podría Belice qué había visto!

 - fui afuera y vi un objeto platillo

-formado el destellar por intervalos. cuál vino whizzing y finalmente...
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