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Green Day is a punk band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums). The band from Oakland, California was considered early in 1987 under the name ofSweet Children, the group moved to the current name in 1989 when they joined the drummer Tré Cool.
They were one of the groups that born in the club 924 Gilman Street, frequented place where punkrock bands starts the career. Thanks to the successful sales of their first works, we obtained a significant number of fans. Some years later, in 1994 the group signed to Reprise Records, the labelreleased the acclaimed Dookie, 3 with this new album the group was the sound of the late 1970's to the new generation, moreover, the album became an international success and sold more than 10 millioncopies in the United States and 16 million worldwide.
Green Day along with other bands like The Offspring and Rancid, the links were produced rebirth and popularization of its main interests in punk rockin the United States, and the culture itself, 5 6 the massive opening sales were a wave of neo punk and punk metal. Ten years later many of these sets are inactive or disbanded, while Green Day isstill going strong with the musical avant-garde rock opera American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, 2004 and 2009 respectively, both with a Grammy Award for Best Album of rock.1
The U.S. team hassold about 65 million albums worldwide and 25 million alone in his country. In 2010 it opened a stage adaptation of the Broadway album American Idiot, the musical was nominated for Tony Awards, includingBest Musical and Best Scenic Design, and has received generally positive reviews. In mid-2011 the magazine Kerrang! named them as the second most influential group emerged in the last thirty years,behind only Metallica.
Most successful songs of green day
"American Idiot"
"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"
"Basket Case"
(billie joe Armstrong)...
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