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  • Publicado : 1 de agosto de 2010
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Dear Family
Hi how are you? I hope you will be fine but I can’t say that I fine well here in the middle of the war every singleplace that you look you can look sadness and slaughter and in the eyes of the soldiers you can see that don’t want to stay here andall the time when I listen a shoot I feel afraid and like the death is looking for me with each shoot of the other side well Howis all in home? Where is Andrea in the university?Mmm I miss you sometimes y think to suicide but I think in all the good momentswith pass with you and I through the gun.You know that we live in trenches the worst place that a man can habit we live with rats ,the other day a group of rats ate mi food I don’t ate that day . Another problem of the trenches is when rain the water get insideand flood the trench and all the biological waste of the soldiers grow up and you can imagine the rest. I feel afraid because theenemy become more smart specific the sniper the other day one kill one of my friend and we don’t know how pass that I only know thatthe war don’t have a end the last three months for me is like 30 years I can’t stop to think in you and the girl that I love butshe don’t know well I don’t have nothing more to say that I love you and I miss you.

Soldier Victor A.
Squadron #20651
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