"How resilliance works?"
Confronted with life's hardships, some people snap, and others snap back. WHENI BEGAN MY CAREER in journalism--I was a reporter at a national magazine in those days--there was a manI'll call Claus Schmidt. He was in his mid-fifties, and to my impressionable eyes, he was the quintessentialnewsman: cynical at times, but unrelentingly curious and full of life, and often hilariously funny in asandpaper-dry kind of way. He churned out hard-hitting cover stories and features with a speed and eleganceI could only dream of. It always astounded me that he was never promoted to managing editor. But peoplewho knew Claus better than I did thought of him not just as a great newsman but as a quintessentialsurvivor, someone who had endured in an environment often hostile to talent. He had lived through at least threemajor changes in the magazine's leadership, losing most of his best friends and colleagues on the way. Athome, two of his children succumbed to incurable illnesses, and a third was killed in a traffic accident. [continua]

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