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The Healing Power of Music
By John Fettaro
This is just one many stories in Fettaro´s book ´´T he
Healing Power of Music.´´Fettaro tries to show just how
Important music is in ourlives and how it can help us be
Healthy and happy. According to Fettaro, music can meke
Sick people well again. In fact, his book comes with a CD
Of recordings, each one speciallydesigned to
Help with a number of health problems.
Fettaro, a well-known music therapist,
Promises that by rading his book, you will
By able to develop the healing power of
Life. Hesays this will help you fight heada-
Ches and back pain, as well as reduce stress
High blood pressure, and many other
Common illnesses.
Certainly, I accept that listening to certainTypes of music can help with particular
Problems, such as stress. I am also comfort-
Table with Fettaro´s claim that by reading
His book, you´ll be able to create a peace-
Fulenvironment to help you relax in your
Home. I found the relaxation and brea-
Tig techniques very useful. Similary, his
Claim that music will help you sleep better
Seems reasonable. Yetwhen he goes on to
Promise his music therapies will help cure
Depression and even cancer, he begins to
Sound a little bit unbelievable.
Nevertheless, for those of you who areInterested in the power of music to heal,
This is a great book to buy. It´s a thorough
Introduction to the history and practice of
Music therapy. Fettaro writes in a simple,Easy-to-undertand way and shows cleary
How music can affect us all positively. His
Basic message- that music can improve
Our lives- is well-presented and clear. It
May even be true thatcertain techniques
Covered here can help some people reco-
Ver from some unpleasant health pro-
Blems. However, his promises of ´´ama-
Zing results´´ seem impossible to justify.
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