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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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La Rinascente, as mentioned on the previous work, is a department store located throughout Italy, with a focus on high-end clothing fashions and accessories, perfumes and beauty products, as well as some house wares and related items. Analyzing the store beyond the company profile, one can found even more details that can either reinforce your love for the store or not.
* Vending VenuesFirst of all, the store is open to public from Monday to Saturday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm & Sundays from 10.30 am - 8.00 pm. The services offered through their working hours are: customer relations office, cafeteria Le Terrazzo, tax refund office, all major credit cards accepted (also accepted China Union Pay cards. The main building here in Florence has the following areas seen on the picture below:The whole store could be resumed by saying neutral colors, not the best lighting and in my opinion a little bit dull. I don’t even like the way they have organized their merchandise since some of it is in a certain way even hidden. Nor even the stairs making it confusing and hard to move through the store and the several floors. It is noteworthy that there are only 2 elevators, so if you get lostwith the stair problem it might take you a little while hopping on the elevator.
Merchandise is, in most of the cases, organized by colors. The spaces inside for each brand are more less the same continuing with the whole idea of neutral colors and wood. Pinko has a pink back wall, Armani a black wall, etc. –small details with no relevance or anything that separates one brand from another- butnothing there matches or makes it graceful for the viewer’s eye. Furthermore, what really scared me was the “Collezioni Giovani” section, with a horrible light shiny green background that more than inviting you in, made you a “pass-by” and not a “walk-in”.
To me, the most eye-catching area was the House Collection, but still not quite interesting to make me stay a while and actually buy something.Le Terrazze was ok but nothing amazing.
When it comes to its personnel, they were good enough and one thing I liked was that it seemed they actually liked their job; at least the lady that served me had a smile on her face and tried to interact with me telling me about how little Spanish she spoke, etc.
In general, I would definitely do something about the interior of the store, referring tothe visuals. The colors, the merchandise all kind of pushed together living you no space to walk comfortable –like in the ground floor-, the way the merchandise is organized, the spaces, etc. the whole atmosphere. At a beginning I first though my perception was a matter of cultures, me being Mexican, but now I believe there are a lot of things that can be improved even though the store has beensuccessful the way it is since Florence has a lot of tourists. Even their displays are quite boring compared to other stores including its competition. I found that strange, the store has such a good location that much more benefit could be gained if some things changed.

* Promotional Strategy
The image above shows the main screen of their webpage:, it’s easy to use but youcannot shop online. There’s a “Press Area” section where you can find current news involving the store. The ones displayed at this moment are:
So those are articles involving any of the several stores located through Italy but mainly their accomplishments, future openings and special events. None of the current news is about the store being analyzed: Florence.
There’s another section in theirwebpage that promotes a service that they have: “Online Wedding Registering” where you as a bride or groom to be create a wedding list and receive a card “TeCarta Voglio” that works as a gift card but the money received can also be withdrawn and spent before the wedding and you also receive 10% discount to the closing of the list value of gifts received.
They also have a Rinascentecard, a...
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