La tregua

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Past perfect
* I had worked in summer.
* My brother had learned to drive before to buy a car.
* My teacher had travelled inwinter holidays to Iquique.
* People had cleaned theirs ceiling when the winter started.
* The telephone companies hadn’t worked withinternet years ago.
* The authorities hadn’t built sport places en Antofagasta city.
* My friend hadn’t travelled by airplane.
* Mymother hadn’t used a computer before to work.
* Had lived many Colombians in Antofagasta?
* Had built another artificial beach inAntofagasta?
* Had you got nervous when you spoke with the president?

Expression "used to" to talk about past habits
* I used to walkto go to school but now I take the bus to go to high school.
* We used to write with pen our homework, now we use the computer.
* I usedto wake up at 8:00 a.m. because I begin the classes at 9:00 a.m.
* I used to live in front the school but now I live to several blocks.
NEG.* I didn’t used to speak English in classes.
* I didn’t used to ride in bike.
* My brother and I didn’t used to rise early on weekend.* My parents didn’t used to go to the cinema.
* Did you used to have lunch with your family from Monday to Friday?
* Did theenterprises used to build great building in the city?
* Did the people used to many cars?
* Did the people used to use cell phone so much?
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