La vaca

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1. WHEN I finish course eight, I’m going to take course night.
* I'm going to take course night, WHEN I finish course eight

2. My brother always does his homework BEFOREhe goes to bed.
* BEFORE he goes to bed, my brother always does his homework.
* He usually does it right AFTER he eats supper.

3. We’re going to have supper downtown BEFORE we go to the movies.* BEFORE we go to the movies, we're going to have supper downtown.

4. AS SOON AS the class is over, I have to leave.
5. Are you going to lend me that book AS SOON AS you get through with it?
*No, I can't lend it to you UNTIL Juan reads it. I promised to lead him has it next?
6. MY sister always tries to play the piano WHILE I'm trying to study.
1. I usually eat supper right before I go to sleep.

2. Do you like to listen to the radio while you´re studying?(WHILE/UNTIL)

3. Your brothers is going to the university when he finishes high school, isn´t he?(WHEN/BEFORE)

4. Nobody likes to go to the dentist until he has to.

5. You should answer Paul´s letter as soon as you can.(BEFORE/AS SOON AS)

6. As soon as That picture comes to town, I´m going to see it

7. I often read in bed after I go to sleep.(UNTIL/AFTER)

8. I´ll be glad to help you with that translation after I get through writing this letter.

9.While we see the play, let´s have something to eat.

10. When I get my certificate from the institute, my boss is going to raise my salary.

11. I´m going to pay my...
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