La verdadera vida en dios volumen 1

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PDF file of the True Life in God messages as given to Vassula Rydén in 1986 and 1987 Copyright © Vassula Rydén Published on the True Life in God website under licence from the Foundation for True Life in God, Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved
TLIG True Life in God La Vraie Vie en Dieu Wahres Leben in Gott LaVerdadera Vida en Dios & Vassula

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True Life in God

© Vassula Rydén

September 20, 19861 Peace be with you;
Can I be with You?

yes, you are with Me; I am the Light;
Can Ibe near You?

you are near Me; you are in Me; I am the Light;
Can You shelter me?

you are sheltered by Me;
Can I lean on You?

you can lean on Me;
I need Your Strength to keep my Faith;

you are given Strength;
I need Your Love;

you are loved by Me; I am the Light and I shine for everybody to see; have no fear, My Path is straight; My Path will lead you to Me; I will meet you andyou will recognise Me, for I radiate Peace and Love; come to Me; can you see Me? can you hear Me? do not be afraid; do not just stand there in the dark; see, your limbs are healed, you can walk again, see, your sight is back;2 I healed you; I have healed your shame and your sins are washed away by Me; use your limbs to walk to Me; your eyes to see Me, your faith to meet Me; I am your Redeemer; I amyour Peace; I, Jesus, love all of you;

1 2

This is written after the Purification. All of this is metaphoric.


True Life in God

© Vassula Rydén

September 27, 1986 peace be with you; Vassula, come to Me, I am your Redeemer, your Peace; I lived on earth among you, in flesh; I am God’s Begotten Son; come to Me and lean your head on Me; I am your Consoler; when youfeel miserable remember, I am near you; recite with Me this Prayer: help me Father and lead me to Your pastures of repose, where everlasting pure water flows, be my Light to show me the Way; with You by your side will I walk; with You illuminating me will I talk; Father, Beloved, remain within me to have Peace, to feel Your Love; I will follow You in Your footsteps; with You I will remain;enlighten me, love me, be with me here and forever after; amen;
(Jesus had come to show me this prayer.)

September 28, 1986
(Today Jesus gave me a clear vision (intellectual vision) of myself in nowhere. My surrounding looked like I was in marshlands with no one around and my spirit seemed lost. Among the dry trees I saw Jesus looking for me.)

I am here; it is I, Jesus; I have found you; come,let Me show you the way back; hear Me: I Jesus am the Way; every time you feel lost, call Me; I will come to you and I will show you the way; I am the Way; September 30, 1986 peace be with you daughter;
Please, Jesus, give me light to be able to feel You and write.1

Vassula, lip-service means the call is meaningless;


I need to feel God’s Presence.


True Life in...
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