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Fully Adhered EPDM Roofing System

Permaroof UK Ltd Unit B1, Venture Crescent Motorway Link Industrial Estate Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 7RA TEL: 01773 608808 FAX: 01773 608408

System Overview The fully adhered EPDM roofing system is quick and easy to apply and there are minimal components required for a successful installation. Basiccomponents consist of the following:• EPDM membrane • Water-based Bonding Adhesive (deck adhesive, white in colour) • Solvent-based Bonding Adhesive (bonding adhesive, yellow in colour) • QuickPrime Plus primer (primer, black in colour) • 3”seam tape • 9” formflash • Metal edge trims • hand roller • Sharp scissors

Membrane Application;-fully adhered system
Ensure the deck is clean, dry andfree of grit or sharp obstructions. This is especially important with pitched roofs terminating on the flat roof, as there is often plenty of debris that can fall onto it. As with the roof example below, it is necessary to remove all existing waterproof covering down to substrate level.

If necessary, remove all decayed and rotting timbers, and provide a new substrate.

Structural plywood orpreferably OSB3 sterling board is the standard. A minimum 18mm thickness is required.

Lay the membrane in situ onto the deck for measurement, with enough material extending beyond the perimeters to trim up later.

Roll half the membrane back towards the middle of the roof. Using a 9” emulsion roller, squeegee or soft broom, apply the Water-based bonding adhesive (deck adhesive) onto thesubstrate surface only. It is not a contact adhesive and therefore none is required for the EPDM surface itself. The adhesive should not be allowed to freeze and must not be applied if freezing temperatures are forecast within the following 24 hour period after bonding.

Once applied, the membrane can be laid into the adhesive whilst still wet. Roll the membrane into the adhesive avoiding stress orwrinkles, taking care to spot any debris that may have fallen onto the deck in the meantime. Entrapped air and wrinkles can be removed by gently smoothing with a soft bristle broom, adding more pressure with each pass of the broom. Do not stretch the sheet. Roll back the other half of the membrane up to the already applied adhesive and repeat the procedure.

N.B. It is important that a 6” widestrip along all perimeter edges are glued using the yellow solvent based contact adhesive, thus ensuring the membrane is immediately secured in the event of strong winds causing uplift before the water based decking adhesive has completely bonded. ADJOINING BRICKWORK If the flat roof adjoins the house wall a chase should be cut into the mortar joint between the courses of brick. As a general rule thechase should be at least 6” above the level of the roof and at least 1” deep. Bonding adhesive is then applied to both up-stands and membrane . Remember the adhesive will grab as soon as contact is made so don’t rush this stage of the installation. Also be sure that the chase has been thoroughly brushed out before the Bonding adhesive is applied, and the membrane is taken right into the chase. Itmay then be re-pointed using silicon mastic.

Figure 1

Note on the photograph that loose render on the adjacent wall has been chopped away and a timber strip fixed to provide a satisfactory surface to adhere to. (The rendering will of course be made good after installing the membrane) When gluing the upstand remember to use the contact adhesive (yellow) on both surfaces to be mated and tolet it become touch dry before mating together.

Edge trims;- Fascia edge and gutter edge

Once the roof is watertight, the roof needs to be finished with the metal edge trims. These are attached by mechanically fixing. The sizes can be tailored with a sharp pair of tin snips. It is important that any cutting tools used are sharp, as blunt tools will damage the trims, and consequently, the...
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